5 August 2011

Me, Myself and I

Assalamualaikum! Selamat sejahtera!

Ok. Bosan sebenarnya. I think I had 2 posts tertunggak sebab on those days which the events occurred, agak busy la. Sobs... But nevermind. Haaaaaaaaaaiiiiihhhhhhh.... So it's already the 5th day of Ramadhan! So daily routine tu still on. Okayh... For those who don't know me, do you ever wonder how do I look when telling my thoughts?? Ahaaaa!! Mestilah tak kan? Unimaginable. Tak ada lah yang akan serupa with the way I talk and doing my expressions. Serious pelik. I just wish I can make emoticons exactly like my expressions. Usually people do this.:D But mine with the eyes closed or something I just do spontaneously. Cer try lah buat! No way it'll be the same.

Actors are the greatest imitators. So they are not unique. <-- Opinion. BEL lah sangat.:D You can find thousands or millions of actors but it's hard to find a person who can make expressions of their own. Or even gaya or personality. You know what caused this? Failure. I failed to imitate. It turns out to be something DIFFERENT. Failure to be someone else makes you unique. Though trying to be like someone else is good, like role model. Ok. I almost typed mole rodel. My mind's playing around.@.@ Whatever! Ok2. Continue. Be like someone is good but too much is ain't good. You know that moment when you're with friends, you feel like besties need to have compatibilities in everything. Let's say one of them tu suka shopping barang2 branded and jenis stylo. So kita ni yang tak berapa pandai nak berstylo and tak berapa nak kaya pun terikut2 nak stylo sampai over sangat and shop until flat broke. Konon nak buat BFF yang suka berstylo padahal tak. Menyampah tu ada lah! Contoh2! Tak berkaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang telah meninggal dunia.

Somehow that situation always happen. Even if orang cakap diorang ni satu kepala, actually they talk about that one common thing yang memang naturally ada in themselves. Not everything. Tak perlu nak photostat orang lain. Original sudeh. Frankly, I always try to act like others but memang tak jadi. Biarlah perangai diri sendiri yang menjadi and makes people know you for that something you have. Like what my friends and I cakap kat Afiff, "Ohhhhh!! Ni la budak tinggi tu!! Badan tegap, sasa, besar macam giant". EKEKEKEKKEEKK!! Gurau je bro. Lu tetap Abang Long ke Ayahanda or whoever yang ada dalam movie KL Gangster yang D4 boys obses sangat tu.=_= That quote tu shows that there's something significant to that person. Normal people are people who are like other people. Geddit??

It doesn't mean you perlu market kan diri and jadi popular. It's all about you being yourself. People know you for what you have. So lama2 people will know you. Kalau yang buat perangai memanglah dikenali. Itulah manusia yang suka lihat keburukan orang lain lebih dari kebaikannya. But that depends. One is if it's the truth and another one, rumours. Somehow keburukan yang ditunjuk tu seharusnya mendapat teguran secara baik. Bukannya mengutuk belakang2. Come on! Be brave! Face to face or any ways yang boleh menyampaikan the message to them. Kalau fitnah tu, nasib badan lah kena. Biar memang biar but janganlah sampai terlalu memudharatkan diri. Again, being yourself is good. But when yourself is bad, it ain't good.

Penatlah type. Heh. But I'll tell you 10 facts about myself.

1. Pelik. But not like Maria Elena. Pelik in my own way. In KYS dulu, orang panggil spastic or freak. What to do.... My actions are somehow involuntary. I don't realize what I'm doing until everyone looks at me. Segan sangat.

2. Nakal. Tak suka jadi innocent though at times I can be very innocent. Maybe I'm trying to get rid of that innocence and fikir jadi nakal could be the best way. SO NOT!! Sebab dah biasa sangat, sampai sekarang still melekat kenakalan tu. Kacau orang memang fav. Annoy them. HEHE.

3. Annoying. Macam annoying orange? Definitely maybe? It's hard to describe this. Find it yourself.

4. Gedik?? No waaaaayyyyyyy!!! That's why I'm a bit tomboyish because tak nak dapat that label. This is my way of avoiding. What's your way?

5. Kalau gedik tak mampu, menggoda lagi lah tak mampu! If I've made anyone in love with me, seriously aku tak menggoda pun. Just being myself because I show strangers who I really am. So if they fall in love with me at the moment they see me, I don't know why is it so. Tanyalah mereka.

6. Observant. Sejarah observant in my life memang panjang. From my beloved History teacher, lil' bro and sampailah ke special person *EHEM*. I didn't really know what I was doing when my teacher tegur that I've been observing people diam2. Since then I knew that I'm good at it. But not much.

7. Happy-Go-Lucky!!! As early as morning, I've already talk so much that people are just annoyed with me. Very spirited. A day without my voice, sunyi lah sikit D4 tu. I don't know what I like to say but I keep on saying things. I like to laugh a lot. Sampai ada orang kata "I always look forward to hear your voice and tinkling laughter,". Tak tau lah what kind of entertainment I give to them. What I know is that I'm happy or just have this tendency to act so crazy! LOL.

8. I'm a very down-to-Earth person. I don't care about what brand I'm wearing, who are my friends, what do I eat, where do I eat or even wearing that same shoes or sandals. What matters is, I'm grateful with what I have. I don't have much fancy clothes, I like to eat at mamak stall and I only have 2-3 shoes and sandals. Tak kaya pun nak beli kehendak. Sekadar memenuhi keperluan. KH Form 1 ni. Hehe.

9. I'm an athlete and I got my own moves and styles. That's why I run fast and jump far. Embarrassment is not a necessary reason of not being good. Overcome it and you can do far, far better!B)

10. Loving person who just loves to share her love with the whole world! Sayang, sayang, sayang. Oh yeah! Jangan salah faham. Being lovable helps you become the queen of the people! It's not that you rule. But you're surrounded by people who just need you to complete their life!

Do you have all 10? If not, then it's good! Means you're not my clone. Freaky if you are having them!! So ok. I'm done talking. Errrrhhhh... Aaaaaaahhhhhh.... Ok. Running out of ideas. Better go and find some. Till we meet again!! T-T-F-N!! Tata for now! Thank you for reading!

Assalamualaikum and good day!!:)

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