19 July 2011

How I Learn about Love?

Assalamualaikum and good day!

Day lah sangat kan. Oh well... This post is something yang macam berbunga sikit. So if tak tahan dengan bunga2 ni, tak perlulah baca.:D Why lah kan suddenly I talk about this. Actually, I really love to watch Marimar and yesterday was the final episode. So sad!!:O At first I didn't follow the drama. But ada this one time I was so bored that I watched. Jarang2 lah nak tengok tv kat rumah ni. So after that one episode ended, I felt like watching it from the start.

So, episode 1. Belum berapa best but it ended with Marimar's life when she was separated from her parents and lost her memory. Suspense! I wanted to watch more. I really2 love that moment bila Marimar met Sergio. I imagined myself. Young and foolish. Didn't know how to hide my feelings when I was starstrucked! I just thought I have kept those feelings so deep inside but actually it was obvious and I thought that guy will never know what I felt. I don't know. I just feel like cerita Marimar is so different from any other love stories. Macam real lah how they acted it out. But in real life, the hero and heroin memang lovers and cinta berputik from that story. Comel kan??

The story was quite similar to what I am experiencing now. Happy, sad and happy again. Let me summarize this. So Marimar ni at first, fell in love with Sergio because he's charming. So was I. Hahah! Marimar is pretty!! Why he didn't like her too!! Urrrggghhh!! So Sergio didn't love Marimar. But wanted to marry her just because tercabar dengan his dad. Though he didn't love Marimar, but dia layan Marimar as if dia sayang sangat kat Marimar. Dia sanggup do anything for her as long as she's happy but without his love. Poor Marimar tak pernah tau that her marriage was fake and Sergio didn't love her. So was I. Allah sahaja tau what I felt when I knew about it. I thought I was "loved" but actually dikaburi dengan his charming acts.

But disebabkan Marimar ni give all her love for Sergio, lama2 Sergio pun sayang Marimar. There was this moment when they were stucked on an island nak honeymoon. Diorang gaduh, dua2 tak nak mengalah, pantang dicabar, nak survive on the island. But Marimar menang lah because dia memang biasa dengan island life. Then Sergio sakit, demam. Marimar at first try to tak layan but then rasa bersalah when Sergio betul2 sakit. And she took care of him. At that moment, barulah Sergio sedar that that girl loves him so much tapi cinta tak berbalas. Disebabkan rasa bersalah of biarkan Marimar bertepuk sebelah tangan, he tried to love her with all his heart. So was I.

Kalau ikutkan hati, I can be very furious like how Marimar was. And I've already shown it a bit. Terlalu banyak niat untuk tinggalkan this complicated relationship, because my heart was really broken into pieces. So I tried to ignore him and just forget whatever happened. Like how Marimar was embarrassed with what people had done to her, so was I. I was embarrassed of whatever stupid things I did in front of him. Macam orang bodoh syok sendiri. But end up loving each other despite the hardships they have gone through.

In that story, disebabkan Sergio ni charming and handsome, many girls sangkut dengan dia and tried to get his attention including his ex and his own friends. Mine's like that too. Charming until ramai sangat orang sangkut. Siapa tak risau?? That's why I can be very jealous and felt that tak mampu to keep him for a long time. Ada masanya dia gurau, kata he can just leave me. But he already said that he's trying to give his loyalty. Indeed he's charming and I could melt every single day.:) I was thinking, Marimar lawa tapi tak ada pun ramai lelaki terkejar-kejar kan dia? Only for her wealth. Tamak!

Basically, way before both of us knew each other, I learned a lot from that drama. Dah fikir dah, kalau macam ni nak buat apa, macam tu nak buat apa. Last2 memang I jump into that situation. I admit I'm not that romantic. I don't know how to make a guy melts like ice. I can never really do well whatever I have planned. If I did, it was sincere from my heart. I can't hide my feelings. All I know is to love that one person. The person that has my heart in his hands. Handle with care because it's fragile.;)

I realize that when both are so loyal and have so many in commons, it might help you to stay in a relationship longer. Especially in communicating each other. As for me, both of us memang talkative, hyper and kuat bergurau senda. Entahlah. Memang I never get bored. Everyday ada je topic yang nak dikatakan. Bila bercakap tu memang susah nak stop. Hahah! I just have a strong feeling that this will be a long journey. Itu semua usaha sendiri and takdir. Takdir yang menentukan. But just go with the flow. Stay positive.

If you're sincere enough, things will come naturally. No scripts, no practices. All from the heart. The heart that controls your act when you're just too in love. That's why kadang2 boleh terkeluar words that can make your loved one mesmerized. And bila dah tercakap, kita sendiri terkejut with what we did. As if those things are involuntary acts. I admit I never have a relationship like this. Very relax, not having pressure of promises and oaths, not too obsessive where we think we fully own our partner that we can't even let him or her go and full of understanding.

Guys, just be sweet to your girls. That's the only thing they want. Your attention. Tak tau lah if ada those yang kejar for your money and popularity. Show that you give attention to her. Remember important events like tests or competitions, wish them luck! Girls love guys yang ingat what she'll be having. Tak perlu nak ulang banyak kali and lupa lagi macam orang nyanyok. Kalau macam tu baik aku cakap dengan nenek aku. Lagi bagus! Oh yeah! And be a guy who's full of surprises. It won't make your love life boring. Girls like fun guys. So if you can entertain them, then you're fun enough! Kot. So far I'm having things under control. So we're doing good! Nak tau ke siapa dia ni? Ahaks! Keep it a mystery.;)

Again, melalut sangat dah ni. I'm deeply in love? Not really. Not that deep because it doesn't hurt much yet. How I learn about love and some tips to win her heart and take good care of it. Enough?? Ok. Tak perlu lah nak ego sangat if you can't accept this fact. Then go suffer in love with your wrong ways. You're suffering and the other one's suffering too. So kalau macam tu, better break up and get a life. A happier life. Make your choice. Tak semestinya having a partner makes your life happy. It depends on how you handle it. Choose wisely or you suffer. Oh, you! If you're reading this, this is part of what I said - write about you. Not obvious enough...:S Good then! And sorry if it gives a bit sad emotion because you know I was sad. Heheh.

One more thing, I remember what my Ustaz time SPM dulu, Ustaz Damin said. Jodoh tu tak semestinya seseorang yang kita perlu tunggu nak datang kat kita. Bukannya seseorang yang dah memang dah tetap untuk kita. Maksudnya bukan that particular person tu yang harus kita cari dalam hidup kita. It can be anyone. Walaupun sebenarnya jodoh tu dah diketahui. Sebab Allah membenarkan hamba-Nya mengusahakannya sendiri. Katakanlah dah tertulis jodoh kita dengan A, tapi kita tengah bercinta dengan orang B. And kita sangka orang B tu jodoh kita. Kan?? Nanti tiba2 boleh break up dengan orang B and bersama pula dengan orang A and kekal bahagia. Hahah! Kita boleh cari jodoh tu dengan cara niat dalam hati. Contohnya, kalau lelaki ada nampak perempuan yang dia minat, at that time, just niat, kalau perempuan ni pandang aku, maknanya dia jodoh aku. Kalau orang sekadar terpandang tu janganlah perasan lak. Ini apa yang Ustaz saya katakan. So it's up to you to believe or not. Saya sekadar menyampaikan.

Or you may have a look here. http://www.iluvislam.com/keluarga/perkahwinan/1726-jodoh-mencari-atau-menunggu.html

Thank you for reading this!:)

Assalamualaikum and have a nice day.:)

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