26 June 2011

Life in UiTM Puncak Alam So Far...

Assalamualikum W.B.T and hello everyone!

Okay. So far hidup agak happy. Not bad lah here. So I feel like telling what happened during this first month being a freshie. Buat list lah macam ni. Saya memang suka buat list.:)

Minggu Destini Siswa (MDS)
To be frank lah, I've been through something similar to MDS. But yeah, still enjoying it. Oh well, at my previous school, KYS, ada this selection process for the future Form Ones. So when I went for selection memang similar lah to this. Do those cute2 stuff, show hidden talents, had inter group fights, tour, take photos and facilitators yang memang superb! That was 2005. Then 2008 and 2009 I was selected to be a faci. Excited sangat lah because I got to meet my future juniors, teach them how things are going there, jadi FOFULAR. But poplar was not the reason why I became a faci. All I wanted was to choose the best people to be my juniors. Not some spoilt brats. And one more important thing was to inspire those kids so that they can see their future. I'm not a good motivator but I don't know. People are inspired by my words. Itu semua datangnya dari Allah. So what I want to say is I was in the Pemimpin Mahasiswa (PM's) shoes. Memang kurang tidur, kurang makan, tired, pissed off. All because of us. I don't understand why people can't understand that. Enough with my experience!! Hehe...

 I made this tag for 2010 Selection. I'm proud with myself!:D

Okay. So MDS ni memang a culture shock for me. Culture shock of being in a group of thousands of people. Memang selalu gak lah pening time MDS. Almaklum lah, sekolah dulu had around 300 people je. 1 batch around 60 people. So memang speechless lah tengok orang seramai ni. Gila kentang. First day, settle the registration form. Second day, still termenung tengok tag colour merah yang bertulis M9. Dalam hati, " Apo bondo ni???". Sampailah, time tu PM yang announce group by group keluar ikut number on tag tu. So bila tibanya M9 ni, ada lah seorang abang pendek ni yang bawa kami turun ke registration. If you're reading this, jangan marah.;p While waiting for registration, M9 pun berkenalan lah dengan PM diorang ni. Baru tau nama dia Abang Bash. As a very professional person (cheyy...), I was interested in his true self. I'm observant. So I really do learn a lot about people. Then, I felt like he has this kind of sense of humour but still, he's a good person. Unlike most people yang sense of humour kasaq and orangnya pun bersikap kasaq. Tu jelah about him. Oh yeah! I was a bit uncomfortable time buat group activities because I was surrounded by girls yang cair dek personality Abang Bash ni. To be honest, ada this one time I bermonolog dalaman, pandang kanan kiri sambil berkata, "What's wrong with you people??? Dia pun manusia macam kitorang. What's so special about him??? Aku lagi special (rasa macam bergurau)." Cheh. Berlagak sungguh diriku. Ego dengan Abang Bash sebenarnya. Hahahah. Gila. Bukannya dia tau pun kalau aku rasa begitu. Tak apa. If he knows this he won't take it seriously. Dah tau pun kot.:p

Time MDS, I macam tak rela kan hati lagi dgn UiTM and just took MDS moderately. Most people were like, "BESTNYA MDS!", "RINDU MDS!". I was like, WHAT??? (mulut nganga). Third day, fourth day, fifth day, sixth day, seventh day. Talks and other activities. Tu je. Maybe I did look berlagak from what I've written. But actually I wasn't berlagak at all. It was part of my attempt to make myself comfortable with that place, by saying, "You've been through this, you'll be fine Alya. Just a bit of mindset. Kau budak KYS. You're strong enough to go through this crap!". Oppppsssss!! Being very honest here. *Wink2*;) So I did survive until the final day of MDS. And went back home!! The end of MDS was the start of something new. It was a significant day for both of us. Leading to somewhere only we know.:) End of MDS!

Week One!
30th May 2011. My very first day of lecture but I had to come late for some reasons. I arrived palam from home at about 4.00 pm. I left my bag at my room, performed Asar prayer and rushed to my last class at 5.00 pm. So I entered the class with that blur face of mine. That's what my friends said. Masuk2 class, I just kenal2 with my friends. I had an intention of not telling from what school I was. Memang kena bahan if I did. Next day ada class apa entah, I just told where I came from when introducing myself to the lecturer. The boys from various SBPs were like WOOOOAAAHHHHH!! And since then kena bahan je. I was bullied!! Seriously!! Mana nak tahan if I have to go through those things everyday!! Memang selalu kena dengan this one tall guy bernama Afiff. He came from SASER and he was anti with my school. Tu jelah about week one. Oh yeah. And something bad happened to a friend of mine after paying a visit to palam. Thanks for the call. Informative indeed.:) Talking about budget, I did my own budget sheet to calculate how much money to spend on food, books and etc. So saya pun mengumumkan bajet tahunan - cut cost on food! Oatkrunch n nescafe for breakfast, lunch at cafe and dinner maggi or roti. Almaklum lah, saya banyak guna duit sendiri for expenditures. Habis duit gaji aku yang aku save nak beli ipod idaman ku. Huuuuu~~ Tak apa lah. Janji tak menyusahkan parents.:)

Week Two!!
Everyday kena bahan. But thanks to Mai, Hana, Farah and Yun for supporting me all the way babes!! Without you guys, memang aku tak nak hidup lagi kat palam. Hahahah! But at this moment, Afiff dah kurang sikit bahan. And finally memang he gave up bullying me. He asked to study with me instead. Since then jadi studymate. So Afiff ni is more observant than me. So dia nampak la kebaikan dalam diriku ni. Bertambahlah orang yang backup aku. Towards weekends, memang I couldn't take it anymore! Memang merajuk dengan those bullies. A bit depressed. A bit of personality change. Alya was gone for a while. And they missed it. Ada la orang datang pujuk, mintak ampun dan maaf... Tapi pending la keampunan tu buat seketika. Namun ku sedar, Allah itu Maha Pengampun, mengapa kita tidak boleh? Aku maafkan jelah diorang ni. Oh2! Studies are getting even more complicated, difficult and all tahap dewa. Giloshhh!!! Maths lecture memang I always curi2 tidur. But other lectures, copy the notes!! No time to have a break!! However, in the middle of lecture, I was so confused, was thinking too much and accidentally slept.:/ This week pun we got our 3 thick science books! Seksa sangat nak angkat balik those 3 books! I brought the books from FF2, turun bukit, muka struggle, beg berat (I wonder what I put inside the bag), Yun, Mai, Hana, Farah were like, "Alya, kau ok tak Alya? Larat tak??". Trying to smile, and shouted a bit cakap, "I'M OKAY!!". Tu lah. Badan kecik tapi jiwa besar. Sampai je bus stop tepi PSB, nak naik bus. Alamak! Touch N Go card! What to do??? I couldn't put those books anywhere. Cangkung jap, put on my lap. Dengan muka kepenatan, tercari-cari Touch N Go card dalam bag. Tangan dah menggeletar, angkat balik the books. Semua orang pelik tengok aku cangkung dengan 3 thick books. Segan dah... Muka sorang2 simpati. I was like, erkkkk... Janganlah pandang macam tu. Segan. Hik2!^^, Then on the bus, tercari-cari port untuk letak those books. Nasib baik ada. Then turun bus, sambung seksaan jap. Roommate tak balik lagi kot! Pintu kunci! Dah terduduk depan pintu bilik, cari2 kunci, bukak pintu sambil terduduk, pintu terbukak, angkat balik buku ke atas meja. Masuk2 bilik je terus terbaring kelenguhan. Gila sangat.

Week Three!!!
Keadaan dah reda dengan boys of D4. But kena bahan balik especially dengan Halim, Zakwan and Niq!! Isk3... Monday was the first time ever to take a quiz in university life! Study lepak je. And shocked when I had a look at the questions. *Jawdrop* No regret of not staying up or studied too much. I was happy with the quiz! Again, my friend came to visit me and I got something from him!! That something did make me laugh. I was happy again! Cerita kedai kopi a.k.a Nescafe bermula. Ok lah. This friend of mine has motivated and inspired me so much. He puts me back to the right path. I was a bit lost before. So that's why I feel like appreciating him a lot. I REALLY REALLY REALLY DO! I couldn't thank him more for such deeds.:) Everyday's just a normal day. Naik turun tangga, go to class, enjoy2. Weeeeee~~ And one more shocking thing was Afiff mengaku I as his best friend. I was like, HUHHHHH??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! But didn't ask him why. Heheh. Biarlah dia. Janji dia bahagia. Partner in crime. LOL.o.O So as everyone sibuk2 dengan kupon aktiviti, aku pun eager to know what is it all about. Some people were not even sincere to take part in activities semata-mata kerana kupon. On Friday, dah plan dengan Hana, Yun and Mai untuk dengar ceramah Recipe of Women. Gembira dapat pergi and mendengar. I didn't know ada gak kupon for that until the end of the talk. Bila kata kupon tidak dapat diberi kerana tidak cukup, ramai lah yang memberi respond seperti "Kenapa kupon tak cukup?? Aku nak kupon! Susah2 aku spend time kat sini.". And dalam hati aku berkata, "Korang ni nak dengar ceramah ke nak kupon sebenarnya??". Memang la kupon tu penting, but if you're sincere enough to hear the talk, you don't even care about the kupon. Cuak sangat ke tak dapat kupon yang cukup? Banyak lagi aktiviti la. I don't worry much because I'm an active type. But depends on what type of activities are organized. Boleh je kan nak participate. Poyo sungguh saya. Just bear with it.:p Guess what! I'm in love! Tak tau lah dengan siapa. Biarlah rahsia.;)

Week Four!!!!
So many quizzes and assignments!! I got 10/10 for last week's Maths quiz!! Alhamdulilah! So fourth week ni lebih kurang like third week. Busy memanjang. But I got all the support I needed throughout the week. Thank you love. Really appreciate it.<3 Dah lah since masuk U ni I spent so much on phone creds. Phone maxis is dead, and I had to do all the texts and calls using number Celcom. Sorry friends if I didn't reply your texts. Call sana sini, tanya where to study, ask about assignments or tutorials. Gila kentang sangat. Bila nak repair phone pun cek tak tau. Padahal rasa makin susah bila have to support using one network je. Creds mengalir bagai air je. Sedih sangat.T.T And week four was my very first time menjejakkan kaki ke Pendeta Cafe. Had a try there. Not bad lah. But apa2 pun mum's cook still the best! She's a good cook pun. It's in the genes. And I have it too! HOHOH. Friday. Daftar ko-kurikulum!!!!!!! Hana, Mai, Farah and I had a look at the activities and went to register before Chemistry lecture. Gila kentang when almost all activities were full. Wanted wall climbing and extreme games. Full gak. Thought of netball at first but for sure macam ramai je nak. So awal2 dah tolak. Entah macam mana memang rezeki terpijak, bila lalu kat satu pintu bilik lecturer ni, ada list for netball. Surprisingly, baru 15 people registered. Apa lagi! I wrote my name there lah! Alhamdulilah. Tak sangka. My second best sports. Ok lah kan... But above all, still disappointed because there's no athletics!!!!!! That's my number 1 favourite sports! Memang in my heart always. It's my passion! I'm willing to train or to be trained if I got the chance. Okay. So Friday ada quiz Chemistry!!!!!!! I thought it was same like what other classes got. But soalan sendiri rupanya Ms. Fariza bagi. Everyone memang tension tak dapat buat. That's how my day at UiTM on Friday ended.

So dah sebulan ni memang there were a lot of ups and downs. Happy, sad, depressing and so many emotions I've expressed. Well, not bad lah life here. Not much difference from my previous school. Because I'm still surrounded by people who are of my type. Satu kepala lah. Bersikap gila-gila, nakal. They really know how to live this life. I didn't even regret tak dapat anywhere as good as my friends in KYS. They truly deserve those while I don't. Aku banyak main2 time SPM. Padan lah muka kan. Apa pun, I'll give my utmost best to get 4.00 flat. InsyaAllah. Ada hikmah aku tak dapat what I've aimed for. I got the chance to fix my life. Damages here and there. If I didn't fix it A.S.A.P memang aku hanyut dah. I don't care much about where to study. Because I care much of being what I should be. A good Muslimah. Allah tak pandang berapa A kita dapat. Allah pandang siapa diri kita sebagai hamba Allah. Hamba yang taat ataupun ingkar. Thank you Allah for giving me this chance. My life is much happier now.:) And to UiTM Puncak Alam, saya sangat bersyukur berada di tempat yang amat selesa serta serba lengkap. I just wanna say, "Alya, keep on being your true self. Alya will always be there to get your back Alya.". I may not speak out my intentions but I always keep it inside. That's how I keep on being positive. To my friends, indeed sometimes keadaan agak sukar bila study or apa. Do less complaining, but more attempts. It's all about mindset. So, ganbatte siswa dan siswi! Let's strive for the best!

Ganbatte! Letak gambar Archie la. Comel sikit.<3

Thank you and Assalamualaikum...:)