21 April 2011

Always at Heart

Hello again.

This time I would like to tell my flashback yesterday. It was 12 noon when I signed in my Facebook. 3 notifications. I wonder from who. Ras Atiqah posted on your wall. I clicked on it. She said,

"Kita tgh tgk skrg.and gelak sorg2:DDDD"

At 12.07 pm, I replied, 

"nti ble arp dah selesai, nak tengok balik. wuuuuuuu~~ rindunya kat boyfriend i yg berambut merah tu...:'((("

The conversation ended for a while. I the walked into my room and checked my phone. 1 missed call. I wondered from who. 'V_Pingu Celcom'. I don't like to make calls. So I just asked,

"nape call?"

He didn't reply instantly. I just left my phone on my bed and back to the desktop. As I sat down, a chatbox popped out. From Ras Atiqah.

"Yanad," she said.
"Ye?" I replied.
"Awak dah tau ke blum?" I felt something wrong.
"Pem2 dah tak ada,"
 "Innalillah Wainnailaihi Raji'un"
I felt my heart broke into pieces. Tears were about to burst. I was shocked and in disbelief. I had never ever think of such thing could happen. A just lost a friend. With those awful feelings, I continued asking.

 "Mana awak dapat tau?" Ras then listed a few names I could not remember.
"Bila jadi? I asked.
"Baru je"

At that time my father was nearby me. I don't cry in front of people. I haven't told my father yet about that at that time. I just went to my room, still in shock and checked my phone. A text from Pingu telling me the same bad news. I couldn't control myself and cried all alone. I never wanna lose anyone in Vigor. Never ever. But it happened. I had to accept the fact Izzi Hanafi's gone. Although I'm not a close friend of him, but more than 5 years being together as a batch have made the bond between us became very strong. It's incomplete without one of us. Because each and every one of Vigor has different personalities. Yes. Incomplete it is without one. Thinking about what we have been through for 5 years, Vigor is still strong. We never backed down. Despite the fights and arguments, we are still friends no matter what.

Now that we lost one, we are all sad. Boys or girls, we all cried for you Izzi Hanafi. Even teachers cried for you. And some people told me the whole school was gloomy yesterday, mourning for your loss. Sorry sebab tak ada kenangan yang banyak dengan kau. Apa yang aku ingat was masa OBS Form 4. Kitorang satu group. Time kat Pantai Shawal tu, kalau tak silap aku we were in the same shift. Shift sebelum subuh. Time tu sentry2 sebelum tu semua tidur terus kat tepi pantai. Kitorang yang berjaga and borak2. Tu je yang aku  ingat.

Thank you for the best 5 years of my life though we're not that close but it's because the Vigor aura. InsyaAllah, you'll be safe there buddy. Allah loves you more. We are all proud that you have been such a good person and you need not to commit sins anymore. I believe you are happy now. Many people have prayed for your happiness there. The whole day, everyone was talking about you especially the Vigorians and the ones who are close to you..You'll always be in our hearts Izzi. You will.

Ini jelah gambar yang aku ada dengan kau. Time ni kitorang borak2 before start kayak

This is the last picture Vigor with you. Tapi Vigor tak lengkap gak.:(

Ni gambar kau masa Form 3 yang aku simpan untuk launching PMR.
Muhamad Izzi Hanafi bin Noordin
14th September 1993 - 20th April 2011

Vigor tetap 58 orang walau apa pun terjadi. Anda sentiasa dalam ingatan.:)

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