15 November 2011

Common Sense People!!

Why do I have to meet people who have no common sense. Come on people! We are already in a university and we should be able to think logically! We are not babies anymore, who can't differentiate between bad and good things. How babies actually are? They keep on asking questions even which the answer is obvious like,
"Mum, why do I have to go to school?". 
Just because they are kids and they know nothing, the mum won't say something like 
"Awwwhhhh baby, because you're dumb!". 
But if it was you asking, guess that should be the answer.

Luckily I'm not one of those people who are lacking of common sense. Also known as BLONDES. But blondes are way, way dumber. Ok. So firstly, have you ever heard of this blonde jokes? If you haven't, go search at Google, hoping that you understand. If you don't then you're a blonde too. You know why? Because you don't even take a minute to understand it and you say you don't understand it. I'm sorry to say but they are usually girls. I'm not trying to degrade females though I am one. 


I can't deny that girls are excellent in academic. Sadly they are only being book smart. Not street smart. That's why nowadays there are students who are willing to be prostitutes just to get money for their own. They never think of the long term consequences, what their future might be. For them, at that moment, they feel that the money will guarantee their future for which it is used for their fees, house rents and etc. Duit haram! Tak berkat ilmu!

As always men have so many plans. Alaaaa... Pujuk sikit dah terperangkap. Yes, I can't deny men can always be good thinkers and they are intelligent in their own way. Itulah sebabnya Allah jadikan lelaki untuk memimpin. 

Ok. Seems like I've been carried away. Back to the topic, I just have a few things to say.

1. Use your intelligence wisely. There's no need for you to ask something that's obvious.
2. Use your logic part of brain. YOU are able to be independent and find your own way to get what YOU wish to find. Do not ask as long as you haven't found it. It may be on your head, in front of your eyes or needs some patience to find. This is applicable to finding stuffs, info or whatsoever.
3. No need of being panic when you can't do something. Keep calm. Chill....

This is truly stupid.

Honestly, I always try to find what I want with my own will. I never ask first. Because I always believe with that one ability of never give up and you will always find your way. Even small things like finding how to register a course. I do take some time to check the details, which is needed, which is not. With a little logic, you think why this can't be done, why that can't be done. Not simply jump into conclusion, that is, I don't know how to do this, what should I do? Why it turns out to be like this?? HELP! HELP!!

Later in your life you'll yell to your husband, "BANG!! How to feed the baby?? Tak tau nak buat apa!!". Memang kena PANG sekali kat muka. Padan muka. Hahah! But I don't blame some people are slow at catching info. When we explain to them zillion times they still don't understand. They are meant to be like that. Dah lampi nak buat macam mana. BUT PLEASE, if things are obvious, don't ask! Just find your own way to do it. If not, it'll become a habit. A BAD HABIT. If you're slow, learn to pick up fast. Or else you can make people pissed off. 

In class, you're lucky if you get patient teachers or lecturers. During my secondaries, memang ada yang tak layan if you ask stupid questions. It is as if disturbing the class, making the class pace slow. Sejarah with Mr. Rama memang extremely express. Ketinggalan, nasib lah korang. Study sendiri. Kalau tiba2 ada test, nasiblah. I even failed some quizzes during awal tahun because I was busy with sports activities. It did affect my pointer. Yes. KYS guna CGPA and GPA pointers macam kat university and all of that so called carry marks. And I always wanted that 3.5 GPA to get the Principal List but never got one. I've faced so many disappointment. 

Apa2 pun, just take a deep breath, think and do. Ask people when you're totally stuck. But I always ask stupid questions just to annoy people. At least they know I'm being annoying and not gonna hate me. But haters will always hate, only if they take it seriously. Yeah. Emo people. Ok. Hopefully when you read this, you are less likely to talk to me because of THIS!! Nevermind. I just hope you guys learn something from this. No offense. Just saying.

Assalamualaikum and good day.:)

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